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"How A Book Is Born" — A Reading And Writing Program For Students Of All Ages

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Making Writing Exciting: The Basics And Beyond

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"Using Imaginative Literature To Motivate Students In Reading, Writing, Listening, Thinking, And Speaking Skills"

Staff Development

Educators' Evaluations

Can't make a workshop?

Using Imaginative Literature To Motivate And Empower Students In Reading, Writing, And Thinking Skills is a celebration of the fun and power of writing.Expands on the motivational approaches in Oh, How I Wished I Could Read! and What Is That Thing? Whose Stuff Is This? for helping children read and develop their vocabulary power.

Nurturing The Nurturers is designed to help participants use their creative powers to combat stress, avoid burnout, and keep first things first in school and family life.

To Teach Better Writing, Be A Better Writer is packed with practical principles, illustrations, and writing aids to help teachers make the most of their schools' writing programs and take their students far beyond boring basics. Participants are helped to discover or rediscover the excitement and pleasure of writing in their own lives. This program of enrichment and inspiration for teachers is available as a one hour sampler, a three hour seminar, and a whole day workshop. Private, small group sessions also are available.

Overcoming The Limitations Of Technology: Education For Reality, Not Virtual Reality explores the critical need to balance high tech with high touch. No matter how many bells and whistles we put on our computers and entertainment systems, no monitor or TV can remotely approach the impact on a child of loving, caring parents and teachers. Today’s children — and adults — need more personal attention and interaction, not less.

Reading: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters focuses on the power of imaginative literature to change lives and highlights the role of reading and its writing connection in strengthening critical thinking, creativity, and coping skills. It includes a fresh view of the vital role parents and teachers play in helping students develop communication survival skills for the 21st century.

Rekindling The Fire, Refilling The Cup: First Aid For Teachers And Parents provides tips and tools for growth in understanding and accepting of ourselves and others.

"I have three brothers I hardly liked till I heard your story" — Keeping The Peace At Home And In School: Brothers and sisters — and friends at school — sometimes don’t get along with each other. Find out the surprising results of one father’s peacemaking efforts crystallized in The First Forest — and how you can benefit from the experience at home and in school.

Words, Pictures, Fun — And Power: Parents, Teachers, And Children Growing Together fosters a deep appreciation of our life-changing reading and writing powers and provides parents and teachers with tips and tools they can use to help their children develop those powers — and have fun in the process.

Educators' Evaluations

Staff Development

Can't make a workshop?

“...The ability to motivate the students who are typically reluctant to write . . . It's a great program. I've recommended it to teachers in other districts. I'd like to see it recycle through our schools every two or three years.” — Carl S.,Lincoln, West Chicago, IL

“It was great the way he varied what he said to his audience's age level. . . . I feel his presentation touched the lives of all who heard him. It was very well organized — points clear with excellent examples.” — Rita P., Teacher, Cleveland Elementary, Elkhart, IN

“His constant message is affirming . . . I would welcome visits from this exceptional person on any occasion! Our students need `everyday' heroes!” — Leslie H., Teacher, Hayward, CA

“He is about the best author that I've seen as far as teaching and speaking on what we teach. I'd like to see him here next year.” — Carolyn F., Vestavia Central, Birmingham, AL

“John Gile was an excellent choice for our `Win with Reading Week' guest author. I was able to see his presentations with several different grade levels and he was excellent with all of them. I would highly recommend him.” — Judy T., Librarian, Westhampton Beach, NY

“You are a writer sold on writing and know how to sell writing to children.” — Kollbrand, Vilseck Elementary, Vilseck, Germany

“Mr. Gile talked to the kids in a way they could understand. He answered all of their questions and was very patient . . . Great presentation!” — Kathryn P., and Phyllis K., Teachers, Harrisburg, PA

"I was especially pleased to hear our high schoolers state how interesting you were."— IL

"This was one of the finest programs we have ever had at our school." — NJ

“Outstanding! . . . One of the best presentations I've ever had the privilege to be a part of.” — Rene N., Butterfield School, Libertyville, IL

“Sixth graders were really impressed - no easy task! . . . Great! The children loved it . . . John Gile is a `real' person, a pleasure to work with — cooperative is too restrictive a word but the only one I can think of!” — Laura C., Cultural Arts Chair, Chippewa Elementary, NY

“The presentation made me want to do more writing!” — Larry H., Middle School Teacher, LaGrange, IL

“Wonderful program! Several children left the presentation and sat down to write a book! We really appreciated his reinforcement of things we teach — reading, rewriting. Thank you for a wonderful presentation!” — Gail M., Teacher, Austin Elementary, Odessa, TX

“You made everyone feel so good about themselves that we all left smiling. Keep writing, we all love your messages.” — Karen J., Ballard School, Wilton, NY

“He made the presentation so interesting that it piqued the children's interest. As a result, the students asked terrific questions! . . . Warm, caring, honest demeanor. We loved meeting him. Outstanding presentation — well organized — interesting materials — I love the way he truly cares about children and what he's trying to do for all of us.” — Taylor Park Teacher, Freeport, IL

“Excellent rapport with students . . . The students came away feeling good about their efforts to write. I think this was due to the warm, caring atmosphere that was created.” — Deborah S., Teacher, Hightower Elementary, Conyers, GA

“Children are more interested in spending the time and effort to do quality writing now.” — Dorothy D., Teacher, Perham, MN

“What a wonderful presentation. The children were spellbound . . . For many of them this day will be a memory that lasts forever.” — Cathy G., Cultural Resources Coordinator, Normal, IL

“John knew exactly what worked with kids . . . The students, as well as I myself, were eager to read and write. It excited them.” — Ann C., Teacher, Cascade, IA

“...demonstrates a high level of integrity and a remarkable commitment to these children.” — Elizabeth D., Principal, Morongo Valley Elementary School, Morongo Valley, CA

“Concrete ideas and suggestions to help children realize that there is potential for writing in all of us . . . Truly an inspiration to our children.” — Siri V., Lakeview School, Whitewater, WI

“A great workshop! Children were interested, excited and couldn't wait to make their own book.” Kathy C., Jackson Heights Elementary, Glens Falls, NY

“My students came back to the room very excited about writing.” — Cathy R., VHEC, Germany

“Kids were writing books during recess after they saw your presentation . . . Good student involvement” — Kelly S., Ellsworth Elementary, Naperville, IL

“Thanks for spending time with the children — my writing center was full as a result of your presentation.” — Ann V., Bannes School, Tinley Park, IL

“. . . Involved the kids and got them to draw on their own experiences and identify with the author. . . Wonderful for letting the kids know they are writers. . . John gave us ideas to reinforce with the students. . . I thought it was grade appropriate and kept the children thinking! . . . Motivation!” — Cindy N., Richards School, Whitefish Bay, WI

“One of the best I've had the opportunity to be a part of . . . made every student feel that he could become a writer, too.” — Roberta P., Wilder-Waite, Peoria, IL

“I felt very inspired after your presentation and many students vocalized similar feelings after the presentation . . . One of my students was talking and you moved him in front of you. After the presentation that student kept talking about how wonderful the presentation was. You really impacted his attitude about writing along with other students' attitudes.” — Nicole N., Banner Elementary, Dunlap, IL

“Very enjoyable — the kids were very excited and eager to start writing!” — K. M., Galloway School, Channahon, IL

“This was an excellent program. It held my students' attention and my attention, too! I'm delighted to have had this experience.” — Susan S., Teacher, Madison Cross Roads, Toney, AL

“Students gained a new perspective on writing, and so did I!” — NY

"Faculty was very impressed. Several commented it's the best program we've had." — WI

“Excellent workshop to motivate students.” — Frankie S., Southwest R-5, Washburn, MO

“John Gile was great at building self-esteem and motivating children to read, read, read . . . kept students attention for over an hour. He seemed to be enjoying the day also.” — Judy J., Teacher, Sherwood Elementary, Houston, TX

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